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James and Robin, 2017
James and Robin. 2017.

The Call to the Wilderness

In 1994, in obedience to our Heavenly Father’s Will and Instruction, we took our family on a journey from Washington State (United States) to the wilderness. To prepare for that journey, we sold our home and some of our possessions but gave most of them away. Not knowing what our journey would involve, where we would end up, or for how long we would be there, we left relatives, friends, and security behind.

Our Introduction to Our Faith

We both were raised in Christian families, “accepted Jesus into our hearts” as young children and have loved and believed in Him since. We both grew up in “the church” but became aware of incongruities in organized Christianity. In different parts of the country and as young adults, we both withdrew from the organized church after suffering unkind and unloving treatment. However, we never stopped loving God and His son, Yehoshua (Jesus), our Lord and Savior.

The Journey of Faith Begins

By faith, we placed all our trust in our Heavenly Father and set out for an unknown future in parched, dry lands around Phoenix, Arizona. From there, He led us to Southern California, back to Washington State, two more repeats of that Southern California to Washington State cycle, and then to Oregon State where He has hidden us for nearly twenty years. Led by the Holy Spirit “through many dangers, toils, and snares,” we let go of men’s dead doctrines, learned our Savior’s doctrines, and gained new insights and understanding that have changed our thinking and our lives.

The Journey Began with Rejection of the Past

In 1972, James prayed a prayer that shaped the course of our destiny: “Lord, I reject everything I learned from churches, every preacher behind a pulpit, on the radio, or anywhere else, even from my dad. Now, will You teach me?” This was a major step for James because his father was a dynamic pastor and evangelist who exercised all gifts of the Holy Spirit and was ordained by a major Christian denomination.

Two Paths Merged Into One

In search of godly fellowship, we both returned to organized church during our late twenties. In 1985, we met during an evening service and married following three divine confirmations. In 1987, as one, we gave ourselves in blind submission to our Lord.

We made a vow expressing our desire to serve Him: “Lord, we will go wherever you want us to go, say whatever you want us to say, do whatever you want us to do, and at any time.” When our Heavenly Father began stretching our faith in ways we never imagined or thought possible, we began discovering our vow came with a very high price and drastic change. James was laid-off from his Boeing career in 1993, less than one-year after our youngest son, Sean, was born.

Hope is the Evidence of Things Unseen

Along our journey, our Heavenly Father has given us many promises, which are the spiritual food He fed us to sustain us through all the trials, even until now. The high price for what we learned and gained has cost us dearly; and it would be superficial and dismissive to say, “It has been worth it all.” Actually, it has been very difficult and at times we have been tempted to quit.

Although we have sometimes felt our Lord has abandoned us, we have persevered this far, and we are determined to not give up. As one, we have committed to obey God and share our passion for ministry (Jeremiah 1:10). Neo-Renaissance Theatre™ is our global stage. On this stage, we are determined to communicate what our Lord has taught us.

~James and Robin


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