James’s Interpretation of the Vision

Interpretation of the
Vision of the Church

By James Capers

Symbols revealed in this vision:

  1. Green symbolizes growth and life.
    • All growth and life was outside of the institutional structure, including the byway and hedge roads.
    • The fences represent manmade enclosures and barriers.
    • The barriers enclose and separate the fields. These represent different territories. Some of those territories are inclusive and built to keep their occupants imprisoned within. Some of those territories are exclusive and built to keep other ideas, and teachings, groups and peoples out to protect their occupants from “contamination.” Some of those territories are seclusive and built to promote the exclusiveness and/or the superiority of one group above all others. However, there were open gates to enter or for those entrapped within to escape.
    • The layers of vines and overgrowth intertwined around the outside of the structure represent the centuries of paganism from old, as well as from modern times, and the doctrines of man (false teachings) that have been intermingled with His truth—through COMPROMISE, and have literally squeezed out all life and immobilized His ecclesia (those called out) or body.
    • The decayed and empty church shell represents the false entities, called corporations or institutions of man, with hierarchical structures, whose participants hold on to manmade doctrines and practice man-appointed traditions and false feasts—that are NOT ordained of God—and that lead to death by the evidence of the decay, debris, clutter, and the mounds of thick dust covering everything that was on the inside. All of the filth and falseness must be removed to reveal the true and original structure. As any severely decayed structure that needs rebuilding, it will first require clearing out the inside clutter and debris and then tear the structure down to its foundation and build it again, but this time united and under the direction of the Holy Spirit with Yehoshua the Messiah (Roman: Jesus Christ) as the Head of His ecclesia or body—a new structure, better than ever before, on the original foundation using both original and new materials (see Jeremiah 1:10).
  2. The “highways” represent:
    • Trodden paths
    • Internet
    • TV
    • Radio
  3. The “byways” represent:
    • Side roads and private roads or paths
    • Those who made request by giving their personal invitation
  4. The “hedges” represent:
    • Barriers, enclosures, and protected areas
    • Nations
    • Clubs
    • Private organizations
    • Prisons
    • Those opposed to Yehoshua because they are held spiritual captives by demonic forces and doctrines/teachings
  5. To compel “them” represents those who:
    • Have left the institutions of man, or
    • Are willing to leave the institutions of man
    • Are willing to come out from under man’s control
    • Are new to His spiritual kingdom
    • Have ears to hear

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