Live Guilt Free … Forever!
Live Guilt Free … Forever!
How to Receive Forgiveness and Eternal Life
How to Receive Forgiveness and Eternal Life
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Do You Listen to Your Dreams? By James and Robin Capers Dreams are a language of communication (Jung, 1964). That language is composed of symbols. Some of the symbols are smells, some are emotions, some are sounds, and most are visual symbols. Dreams take place in the mind. Not the conscious mind but the less …

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James’s Interpretation of the Vision

Interpretation of the Vision of the Church By James Capers Symbols revealed in this vision: Green symbolizes growth and life. All growth and life was outside of the institutional structure, including the byway and hedge roads. The fences represent manmade enclosures and barriers. The barriers enclose and separate the fields. These represent different territories. Some …

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What is a Neo Renaissance?

What is NeoRenaissance? The term renaissance literally means to be reborn. Renaissance refers to a rebirth or revival of culture, skills, or learning that has been forgotten or previously ignored. Since neo means new, NeoRenaissance is a new renaissance or coming change that will again be initiated through theatre and the arts. In European history, …

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Our Company

Company NeoRenaissance Theatre and Prophetic Arts & Prophetic Artists Tag Line “Vanguard of Change” Mission Our mission is to produce original, creative, and artistic works using unconventional methods to educate audiences and compelling performances to lead a renaissance of change. Vision Statement We envision Neo-Renaissance Theatre and Prophetic Artists as a learning organization. Our members …

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