What is a Neo Renaissance?

What is NeoRenaissance?

The term renaissance literally means to be reborn. Renaissance refers to a rebirth or revival of culture, skills, or learning that has been forgotten or previously ignored. Since neo means new, NeoRenaissance is a new renaissance or coming change that will again be initiated through theatre and the arts.

In European history, The Renaissance era marked the end of the middle ages. It was a classical revival that lasted from about the 14th through the 16th centuries. It was a time of intellectual activity and major cultural and artistic change.

During The Renaissance, there was an awakening of individualism and secularism that took hold and grew in society. This led to the Protestant Reformation. In return, the Holy Roman Catholic Church initiated a Counter-Reformation to combat the increasing strength of Protestantism in Europe.

In our modern time and for Yehoshua’s (Jesus’) body and bride, NeoRenaissance marks the beginning of a new era and a present-day time for change. It is a time for change in our thinking, our understanding, our ideas, and our possibilities.

It is a time to reveal hidden things of darkness and a time to be set free from them. It is a time to let go of our manmade doctrines and traditions; and a time to realign ourselves with the Way and culture that our Lord introduced. It is a time to walk in perfect love and for the revival of the centuries’ past Apostolic Ministry but in a new and even greater way!

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