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NeoRenaissance Theatre and Prophetic Arts & Prophetic Artists

Tag Line

“Vanguard of Change”


Our mission is to produce original, creative, and artistic works using unconventional methods to educate audiences and compelling performances to lead a renaissance of change.

Vision Statement

We envision Neo-Renaissance Theatre and Prophetic Artists as a learning organization. Our members are like-minded believers; talented and gifted artists; and business savvy professionals who work together to educate audiences around the world. Operating under the anointing, leading, presence, and power of the Holy Spirit, and through our original and creative works, we will touch many people and change many lives for eternity.


Our company metaphor is an Orange Tree:

  • An orange tree requires planting, watering, feeding, and nurturing: Our team members are passionate, gifted artists and savvy business-minded individuals who work and minister together in a growing and nurturing environment.
  • It takes years of growing to reach maturity: Team members have persevered and grown through their personal experiences. Together, we work to achieve a higher level of art through the guidance of the Holy Spirit and body ministry (1 Corinthians Chapters 12-13).
  • It grows many branches: Each branch of the orange tree represents different divisions or interlocking companies of our parent organization. The various mediums we utilize are live performances, a fine art gallery, DVDs, radio broadcast, live internet broadcasting, podcasting, Websites, Weblogs (blogs), magazines, newsletters, etc.
  • The branches produce leaves: The leaves represent our individual team members and other partners who are united as one to create a synthesis effect with the ability to accomplish much more through diverse mediums and a greater anointing of the Holy Spirit.
  • Its leaves produce many blossoms, blossoms turn into fruit, and fruit ripens and is harvested: The blossoms are ideas that develop into fruit. As the fruit grows and ripens, our messages are incorporated into our finished products. Our finished products are sold for the purposes of changing the lives of our customers and financially sustaining the organization, its members, and other ministries.
  • Consumers purchase our fruit in the market place and eat of it: As our fruit is consumed, lives are touched and forever changed by the cultural and spiritual nutrition of our messages encapsulated within them.
  • A growing cycle: Each new product and each new place we travel introduces us to new markets and consumers.

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