Apostolic Minstry

Is the Apostolic Ministry for Today?

It has been almost 25-years since we first heard about Tommy Hicks’s Vision of the Body of the Messiah and End-Time Ministries. We read about it in Demos Shakarian’s book, The Happiest People on Earth.

Demos was the founder of Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International (FGBMFI), which was built following visions and directives from the Holy Spirit. Demos also believed in a coming layman’s revival that was prophesied by Dr. Charles Price and others to take place after the great deliverance ministry.

Later, we read Tommy Hicks’ vision again in Charles and Francis Hunter’s book, To Heal the Sick. Since that first time we heard about it, we have held Hicks’ vision close to our hearts and are believing God for its fulfillment as promised.

Throughout the years, many individuals have been given dreams and visions about the coming end-time ministries and layman’s revival. But is it really possible? To find out more, please read James Capers’s Vision of the Church and Tommy Hicks’s Vision of the Body of Christ and End-Time Ministries.

James and Robin Capers

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