Prophetic Theatre

Prophetic Theatre

By James Capers

Prophetic Theatre is part of the Prophetic ArtsProphetic Arts is the use of art forms to represent, visually and audibly, the prophetic words of God.

Prophetic words come from multiple sources. One of those sources is human flesh. A second source is the human soul. A third source is the human spirit. A fourth source is the Spirit of God.

Finally, an anti-source is the spirit realm of the demonic. For this reason, Apostle John (~A.D. 90) wrote:

Dear friends, don’t trust every spirit. On the contrary, test the spirits to see whether they are from God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world. (Complete Jewish Bible, 1 John 4:1)

John’s warning enables us to understand that not only the audience of the prophet needs to evaluate the spirit attempting to prophesy, but the one prophesying needs to make sure which spirit is the source of their message. Thus enlightened, Apostle Paul (A.D. 56) empowered us, “Also, the prophets’ spirits are under the prophets’ control” (1 Corinthians 14:32). Notice the plurality of spirits subject to the prophets?

Many people think they wish to be prophets, but do not understand the sacrifice and endurance to which prophets are called. Modern believers have been misled into believing the prophetic office is glamorous and a thing to be desired. However, the prophetic office belongs only to those whom God, Himself, has called, with specific confirmations.

These called to be prophets have faithfully and successfully negotiated trials by fire to prove their willingness to make the sacrifices G-d requires for the call. The trials of this office are neither small nor short. They may last for years and unto decades.

The life of a prophet is one of social rejection and ostracism because the true prophet of God exposes sin and calls sinners to repentance. The foretelling by God’s true prophets is twofold. One type of foretelling is about judgment coming—as a result of sin—upon sinners who refuse to repent. The other type of foretelling is about blessings and bounty for obeying G-d and following His instructions and requirements (i.e. His Covenant).

The true prophet of God is very careful in issuing prophecies to individuals and never prophesies for hire, as Balaam discovered:

That even if Balak would give me his palace full of silver and gold, I could not of my own accord go beyond the word of Adonai to do either good or bad? that what Adonai said is what I would say? (Numbers 24:13)

The Spirit of God empowers His prophets to speak to nations, rulers and leaders of many, and the spiritual condition of the times. Therefore, God’s messages issued through His prophets to individuals are often to those with positions of great influence over many.

To repeat, the life of the prophet is one of sacrifice and social rejection, and the call to deliver God’s words to nations, rulers and leaders of many, and the spiritual condition of the times. We also see that prophetic words can come from different sources: Human flesh, human souls, human spirits, the Spirit of God, and spirits of the demonic realm.

On the other hand, the Son of God stated He was sending the Spirit of Truth to teach us and impart or distribute to each of us Gifts according to our calling. One of those gifts, the Gift of Prophecy, is a special gift imparted by the Spirit of Truth, who is often called the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is referred to by Apostolic Writings in the masculine. He was sent by our Lord to empower His people:

But we have gifts that differ and which are meant to be used according to the grace [Divine Touch] that has been given to us. If your gift is prophecy [foretelling], use it to the extent of your trust [our persuasion]. (Romans 12:6)

This gift is available to anyone to whom the Divine Touch of God has empowered them to receive and activate it.

Please note: The Gift of Prophecy is not the office of the prophet nor does it call anyone to or empower anyone for the office of the prophet. It is what it is: A gift for the edification [building up] of the ecclesia [assembly of those called out of religion and sin]. Perhaps Prophecy Arts is a more accurate term for artistic expressions used to reproduce prophecies.

For our purposes, we define Prophetic Arts as both artistic expressions of the prophet and artistic expressions of those with the Gift of Prophecy. However, “prophetic” actually describes calls to repentance and warnings of impending judgment for those who fail to do so. “Prophecy” describes God’s foretelling of specific, future events.

The difference is distinct. A prophet may prophesy, but the Gift of Prophecy without the Prophetic Call does not make anyone a prophet.

There are those who use the expressionist art form to visually or audibly reproduce their interpretations of experiences, understandings, or what God has revealed to them. Others, yet, may use representative art to communicate what G-d has instructed them to communicate. However, neither of these uses of art is necessarily prophetic.

Prophetic Arts, is composed of artists who communicate through fine art, theatre, music, dance, and other art forms the prophetic images that G-d reveals. Prophetic Arts is not a religion nor is it about religion. It is about working together, learning how to please G-d, and imparting understanding to His ecclesia that they may clearly know the mind and heart of G-d.

Prophetic Theatre is one venue of Prophetic Arts. It includes plays written and performed by writers, composers, actors, musicians, dancers, supporting staff, and front-of-house and backstage operations in the portrayal of the prophetic.

In addition to writing, performing, directing, and producing prophetic plays, Robin and I are passionate about working with other artists who operate in the prophetic and express themselves through Prophetic Arts. One avenue G-d has given Robin and me to express this passion is our project, Renaissance through the Arts.


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